Gearing Up for 2017!

March is here, and with it brings the transition from winter planning to the bustling that comes with firing up the greenhouse. This will be our third year growing as Steady Hand Farm, and we are very much looking forward to another wonderful season of hard work and vegetable growing. If you are still considering whether or not to join us for this season, you’ll want to solidify your spot as one of our members soon. Last year we sold out in mid-April. This year we are looking to stay relatively small – growing for a modest 120 members again.

We will to continue to attend the St. Croix Falls Farmers’ Market, which starts on Saturday, May 20th. Our first CSA Delivery will be June 14th. This year we are collaborating with Cherry Treehouse Mushrooms to offer an add on share so folks who need their edible fungus fix, can do so while supporting a neighboring local, small business.

We are also planning to host the lovely fifth graders from Lucy Craft Laney Community School in September again. Check out our Kids at the Farm page for more information and sign up to donate $20 when you purchase your share to help support our youth work!

What else is new? Oh yes! We recently grew our family to five. Baby Ida was born on Valentine’s Day. Her namesake is the incredible Ida B. Wells, who was a teacher turned journalist and organizer in the fight against lynching during the early part of the 1900’s. To help us stay focused on what really matters on a daily basis – our youth empowerment work, our commitment to small, local business to help grow the rural economy, our desire to honor the land and ecology that we inhabit while growing healthy food, and our desire to connect people with their farmers and the process of cultivating food – we look to people like Ida B. Wells to ground us and guide us with a sense of justice and clear moral compass despite all the challenges we face in the present.

Thank you so much for your support and business for another season with Steady Hand Farm.  Without you, our community, we would not be here nor would we be able to do the work that we love! We are looking forward to the bustle! It’s almost here.

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