Membership FAQ

How much is a The Summer Share?

The Summer Share costs you $625. This includes 18 weekly deliveries beginning the second week of June.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes! Sign-up by February 15th, and enjoy $20 reduction on your share.

Do I have to pay the full amount or may I make payments?

Yes, you may make payments. A down payment for as little as $100 is due now, to secure your membership. Future payments will be prescheduled over the course of the season and detailed when you sign up. Sign-up for this feature when you enroll as a member.

Can I send Steady Hand Farm a check?

Yes! At check out choose the option for invoice. To ensure your membership, please post mark payment to us within two weeks of sign-up. Send your payment to us at 1231 135th Street, Amery, WI 54001.

What is a Steady Hand Farm Legacy Share?

It’s a bundle of love and confidence from you to your farmer. Getting a new farm business off the ground requires some heavy lifting and a fair amount of money. We are making Steady Hand work by sales of our shares and some loans. The fewer loans that we have to payback in cash, the better chance we have of making our business solvent, taking a vacation every other year, and saving for our children to go to college.

The SHF Legacy Share is an upfront payment for 5 years of The Summer Share delivered to you. The price of the share is $2975 or 5 years x $595. By purchasing a legacy share, you are saying yes to local food, and a sustainable future for your farmers.

What are the benefits of becoming an SHF Legacy share member?

• Vegetables!

• 5 years of The Summer Share, with no price increase.

• A warm heart. I can’t guarantee it, but I suspect you will feel real swell for giving a boost to your local small farmer.

• Annual (exclusive) SHF Legacy Share dinner at the farm.

• 10% off of all other Steady Hand Farm shares (Fall Storage Share), products (Canner Boxes) and events (Chef hosted events at SHF – coming in 2016).

• Free swag! Whenever we print a t-shirt or a coffee mug, we’ll send one to you at no cost. 10% off any additional swag.