2017 CSA Shares

Invite the pleasure of good eating into your home.  Local, sustainably raised vegetables delivered to your neighborhood.

2017 Vegetable Share Options

The Summer Share: $625 – SOLD OUT!

Full share, week eight.

18 consecutive weeks of chemical free, in season produce delivered to your neighborhood. 11 items per week packed in a ¾ bushel box. Our vegetable selection favors vegetables most folks will recognize in portions useful for making a meal or two.  We’ll sprinkle one less familiar vegetable each week, too, because it’s always good to expand your vocabulary. Also included is a weekly e-newsletter with updates and reflections from the farm and relevant recipes. Wednesday deliveries run from June 14 – October 11, 2016

The Summer HALF Share: $395 – SOLD OUT!

August 2017, half share.

A similarly great selection of vegetables, half as many.  Suited for a household of 2 people, or for those vegetable folks who love both their CSA and their Farmer’s Market.  5 – 6 items per week for 18 deliveries on Wednesdays, just like the Summer Share.  Portions of each item will be the same as the full share, so if we are sending 4 pounds of tomatoes in the Summer Share, you will get the same portion.  We will favor more popular items in the mix, so if it comes down to tomatoes and cabbage, you will get tomatoes.   If you are just coming into CSA, this will be a nice way to crack open the door to the onslaught of weekly vegetable deliveries.

The Summer Single Share: $295 – SOLD OUT!

Steady Hand Farm’s quality produce in a box designed for a one person household.  5 – 6 Items per week, just like the half share, but with smaller sized portions.  This won’t be the most popular share, but we know a few customers who will love it.  Pick-up site delivery only.  Membership limited to 20 members.

2017 Add-on Shares

The Cherry Treehouse Mushroom Share: $65

We are excited to offer mushroom shares from Cherry Tree House Mushrooms based nearby in Clayton, WI.  Jeremy raises certified organic log grown mushrooms and also forages for these wild fruiting bodies.  The add-on includes 9 deliveries of mushrooms every other week along with your Steady Hand vegetable share, plus a final delivery of mushroom butter.  Each bi-weekly delivery will include around a quarter pound of mushrooms along with an email description of the product with recipes.  To find out more about the CSA share, check-out CTHM’s site here.

Fall Share, Week One

The Fall Storage Share: $150

3 bi-weekly deliveries brimming full with fall storage crops, like carrots, potatoes, onions, winter squash, cabbage, beets, parsnips and fresh greens like Brussels Sprouts, spinach and lettuce from the field as long as they are available. October 18, November 1 and November 15.

Youth at the Farm Share: $20

5th Grade student learning about carrots.

We love when kids come to the farm! No matter their background or experience level, we find that most kids love getting hands on in the environment and work of our farm. Their curiosity and excitement is invigorating. In 2017 we will partner again with Lucy Craft Laney Community School to bring 5th graders to the farm to learn all about vegetables, animals, pollinators and healthy eating.  Our education partners include Pollinate Minnesota, Snake Discovery and our local farm neighbors.  To make this special day happen, we need to raise $1500 to help pay transportation, food and educators.  Join us with a Youth at the Farm Share.


The Canner Boxes: $35 – $55

Watch for special offers of homestead volume boxes for making tomato sauce, salsa, or pickles. Bulk orders of winter squash as winter stores allow.

You can sign up online here: http://steadyhandfarm.csasignup.com/members/types or email us at: steadyhandfarm at gmail dot com

Why Join Steady Hand Farm?

Joining our CSA gives you the satisfaction of knowing your farmer. That’s obviously a benefit when ensuring your food is fresh, safe delicious and nutritious.  You also know that you are supporting the work of a local farm family. It’s not a nameless, faceless farm, but the work of Jason and Juli and our children – We are your farmers! And you have the pleasure of local eating. You will mark time during the growing months with seasonal cycles of flavor and variety.

Our summer share box philosophy:

Our boxes will focus on providing main staples on a regular basis.  They will include an onion (or garlic) of some kind, and a root like potato, carrot, beet, salad turnip or radish. Boxes will include an herb. In the peak of the season when the field fruits are coming in you will get abundant deliveries of  tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and more.  Of course you will also find regular deliveries something green – a cooking green, head lettuce, spinach or salad mix.

Each full share delivery will include 10 -11 seasonally available vegetables and field fruit plus an herb bunch packed in a 3/4 bushel box.  Half and single shares will include 5 -6 vegetables and field fruits plus an herb  in a smaller box.  Not only will we put together the best of our produce, we will also create a box that has complimentary elements. You will open it and see groups of vegetables with some obvious combinations.

For more questions and answers about Steady Hand Farm’s CSA shares visit our FAQ.  Still have questions, please email us at steadyhandfarm@gmail.com or call us at 715-768-0719.